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As a Microsoft CSP reseller, you already know that your business and your customers’ businesses have changed dramatically in recent years. With these changes, we know it’s important for you to reach your customers and communicate with them in new and innovative ways. That’s why SYNNEX has created demand generation and marketing development packages for our Capture the Cloud (CTC) partners, including incremental and tiered options based on size and revenue. Each tier offers its own unique set of benefits and materials to help you accelerate your existing initiatives and launch new ones.

To participate, all partners must be currently authorized to resell in the Microsoft CSP program and be registered for the CTC webinar series. Here’s a breakdown of our CTC partner tiers:

Level 1: Ascend

At this level, you’ve had a minimum of 1–3 CSP customers activated in the last 12 months. There are no minimum Microsoft CSP revenue requirements, and in addition to a number of benefits, you’ll also be eligible for SYNNEX partner support options and you'll receive access to exclusive ready-made marketing campaigns.

Level 2: Accelerate

You have between 4 and 24 CSP customers activated in the past 12 months. You also earn a minimum of $15,000 per month in Microsoft CSP Office 365 or Azure revenue. At this level, you receive a higher discount for Office 365 and Azure CSP SKUs, as well as more SYNNEX partner support and access to a content and data booster package to support your overall customer engagement.

Level 3: Altitude

To meet the qualifications for our most robust tier, you have a minimum of 25 CSP customers activated in the last 12 months, and a minimum revenue of $50,000 per month in Microsoft CSP Office 365 or Azure revenue. You receive the highest discounts we offer for Office 365 CSP and Azure CSP SKUs. Enjoy SYNNEX partner support offerings like semiannual in-person strategic planning visits and end-user demand generation opportunities.

All tiers are eligible to win competitive rewards like bimonthly CTC giveaways and a semiannual grand prize getaway.

For full tier details, click here.

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Marketing development for every CTC partner

  • Stage 1: On-demand digital marketing content powered by PartnerOn

    Free and provided through an external partner, we’re excited to offer dynamic, ready-made marketing campaigns. We’ll help you take away the guesswork with perfectly timed email, social media, and digital marketing that can be customized for your needs.

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