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Why Microsoft CSP + SYNNEX

Lower costs. Personalized support.

Beginning in August, Microsoft is rolling out a new set of requirements for the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Direct CSP resellers must choose between two support plans that start at $15,000, making Indirect CSP a better option for many partners.

SYNNEX is one of the largest indirect providers of Microsoft solutions. Our deep relationships with both Microsoft and other cloud vendors ensure resellers have everything they need to build robust, profitable solutions. Choose to move your cloud business to SYNNEX for a seamless transition with no downtime.

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Indirect CSP saves thousands per year

Partners have two choices when selling cloud services with the Microsoft CSP program: Direct CSP through Microsoft (Tier 1) or Indirect CSP through an authorized distributor (Tier 2).

Selling Microsoft cloud services indirectly can save partners tens of thousands of dollars versus selling directly.

As a Direct CSP partner, resellers must choose between two support plans that start at $15,000. Plus, they’ll need to show that they can:

  • Provide at least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application
  • Enable billing and provisioning infrastructure

SYNNEX provides simple complimentary support, included as part of your Indirect CSP package.

Live with the SYNNEX management team—get your questions about Microsoft CSP answered!

With all the changes happening to CSP, we want to give partners a chance to connect with our leadership to learn why SYNNEX is the best choice for cloud providers.

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Microsoft CSP through SYNNEX

Why distribution makes sense


Give your customers a single bill for your tools, products, and services while maintaining control over pricing, billing, financing options, and subscription management.


Set your business up for success with comprehensive, knowledgeable support for presales and migration, a Microsoft cloud partner portal, and post-sales support you can rely on.


Generate recurring monthly revenue to help your business grow. Impact your bottom line by tapping into the SYNNEX advanced support contract, all day, every day.

Get more when you resell with SYNNEX

Partners who sell through the CSP program and SYNNEX benefit from simplified account management, top-notch technical and sales support, and boosted profits—and they gain first-hand access to SYNNEX exclusive offers, programs, and incentives.

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What are the advantages to reselling cloud solutions with SYNNEX?

  • Set up and provision customers through our CLOUDSolv portal, designed with direct input from partners
  • Work with sales representatives who know you personally and understand your business
  • Access technical experts who provide thoughtful advice before, during, and after the sale
  • Leverage knowledge from a dedicated team of certified Microsoft specialists
  • Receive simplified, predictable billing on the first day of the month, every month—you can also get up to 30 days free, with no proration
“With SYNNEX, we’re not just a number. I have relationships with their team members, not only account managers, but also the leads of the team. They know me by my first name, and if I need technical help, my account rep puts me in contact with the right person at the right time. If we can’t connect at that point in time, he makes sure to follow up via email to make sure I get the answers that I’m looking for.”

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