Accelerate: Stage 2

Content and data booster packages

Exclusive to Accelerate-level CTC partners

The SYNNEX Capture the Cloud marketing development fund benefit is a limited-availability opportunity for our Accelerate-level partners. Valued at $3,000, this program complements the on-demand digital marketing content powered by PartnerOn.

Sign up now to start building your own prospect nurturing campaign. SYNNEX worked closely with Nurture Marketing, a full-service marketing firm and Microsoft supplier, to create a program that will help your organization combine high-value content with the ability to deliver scheduled, consistent outbound and inbound messages.

Here’s what’s in store:

Step 1: Data cleanse and refresh

Before launching a campaign, the target market audience and decision-maker personas may need to be reevaluated and refreshed. It’s common to uncover that a significant portion of the target audience isn’t represented in an existing contact database. To help with this, the Nurture Marketing team will assess your existing data to identify the ideal organizations, persona types, and contacts you need to reach to make your marketing successful.

Step 2: Refine go-to-market messaging

Successful nurture campaigns have clear messaging, competitive differentiation, and calls to action. The Nurture Marketing team will work with you to create the right messaging for your business and translate it into compelling offers for your customers.

Step 3: Email and social media campaigns

PartnerOn will collaborate with your team to launch emails and social posts. This program entices readers to act and will help you determine the customer’s stage in the buyer journey.

Ready to upgrade your monthly marketing? Act now so you don’t miss out—this benefit is first come, first served.