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Overcoming Azure Concerns

Ready to answer tough customer questions about Azure?

Addressing your customers’ fears about the cloud can be tough, especially when you might not have all the answers. That’s why we’ve created this on-demand webinar series to equip you with all the information you need to confidently tackle cloud concerns with ease.

With SYNNEX, reselling Azure is simple and profitable, whether you’re adding it to your roster for the first time or expanding your existing practice. Rely on our technical, sales, and licensing expertise to help you create the Azure practice you want.

Want even more expert tips on talking to your customers about Azure? Read our Partner Guide to Overcoming Azure Concerns.


Overcoming Azure Concerns Webinars

Get answers to all your customers’ questions about Azure in this on-demand series of 4 webinars.


Azure and Availability

Understand why creating a high availability architecture with Azure keeps businesses running at peak performance. We’ll show you how to make that industry-leading 99.9% availability SLA real for your customers, and how you can build the high-availability Azure architecture they want.


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Azure and Availability Webinar Presentation

Keep the presentation deck handy to help your customers see how they can achieve high availability with Azure.

Webinar 2

Azure and Security

Learn to how you can help customers take advantage of the cloud’s benefits—without sacrificing security. We’ll show you why Azure offers the most robust security and compliance coverage, all backed by a powerful partnership that you and your customers can rely on.


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Azure and Security Webinar Presentation

Refer back to this presentation deck to help alleviate your customers’ biggest concerns about Azure and security.

Webinar 3

Azure and Cost Control

Estimating prices for Azure can seem daunting, especially if you can’t pinpoint the exact cost commitment. But by switching a capital expense for an operational one, Azure can actually lower TCO. Learn how Azure balances cost with cloud performance and helps you create a profitable Azure managed services practice.


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Azure and Cost Control Webinar Presentation

Download the presentation deck for details on how you can help customers save with Azure.

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Azure Pricing Calculator

Use this pricing tool to configure Azure, add products or example scenarios, and save your estimates. You can also share estimates with your customers from the calculator.

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Azure Cost Prediction from Microsoft Learning

This Microsoft Learning Path course will help you understand costs for Azure and how to predict them, as well as offer best practices for making Azure as affordable as possible.

Webinar 4

Azure and Performance

For customers thinking about migrating to the cloud, feeling confident that it can support critical workloads is vital. Learn how you can help customers achieve powerful performance in Azure without overprovisioning, and get details on the tools and technologies that will help you monitor and optimize workloads.


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Azure and Performance Webinar Presentation

Get the presentation deck to help inform your customer conversations about unlocking powerful performance in Azure.

Meet your Azure webinar presenters

Our specialists are here to help you find the path forward

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Joe Losinski

Joe is a Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft with more than 20 years of experience helping partners and customers embark on digital transformations.

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Joe Gallo

As a Microsoft Cloud Engineer for SYNNEX, Joe specializes in developing Azure cloud-based computing architectures that keep customers and businesses empowered.

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Paul Masschelin

As part of the Microsoft Cloud Business team at SYNNEX, Paul helps partners grow their Azure practices by providing sales and marketing guidance.

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Smart ways to build your Azure practice

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Why SYNNEX Partner Guide

Read our partner guide to learn more about how SYNNEX can help you make sense of uncharted territory, so you can build offerings that boost recurring revenue and customer loyalty.

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Cloud Migration and Modernization Partner Playbook

As cloud computing becomes more central to customers’ modernization strategies, there’s a lucrative opportunity for resellers to help them migrate to Azure.

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Azure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Playbook

Take advantage of the Azure BCDR opportunity with our comprehensive partner playbook, which includes conversation strategies, customer success stories, and more.

Ready to build a more profitable Azure practice?

To learn more about reselling with SYNNEX, licensing options, or building more solution offerings for your customers inside and outside of Azure, connect with our team.