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Do you know the fastest path to profitability in the cloud? Finding the right partner can simplify and speed cloud selling—and give your business the boost it needs.

When you resell with SYNNEX, our resources become your resources. As one of the largest distributors of Microsoft solutions, we bring you competitive pricing, a powerful partner portal, and some of the best support around. Partnering with us will help you save time and money as you capture more sales in the growing cloud market.

Why join Microsoft CSP with SYNNEX?

3 unique ways we support partners


You’re in command. Providing a consolidated bill for all of your tools, products, and services makes customers happy, while an easy-to-use portal for pricing, billing, financing options, and subscription management keeps you in control.


You’re covered. Confidently expand your business with comprehensive, personalized support from SYNNEX—available to every partner at any time, 365 days a year, through our Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider portal.


Generate recurring monthly revenue and increase your bottom line with our competitive pricing, coupled with rich resources and support. Our robust cloud vendor ecosystem and hardware portfolio make it easy to build a complete solution.

Take advantage of hybrid distribution

As a hybrid distributor, SYNNEX can help you build and sell compelling solutions for any infrastructure, with support spanning the latest workplace devices to fully integrated edge computing and IoT solutions.

  • Meet your customers’ expectations with the right cloud and hardware needs

    Whether your customers are on-premises or in the cloud, our experts will ensure smooth Azure Stack implementation, allowing consistent use of hybrid cloud technology—wherever they need it.

Give yourself a boost

You don’t have to do it alone

With SYNNEX, you have a one-on-one partnership with a sales rep who knows and understands your business, and on-demand support from a dedicated team of certified Microsoft specialists. You’ll receive consolidated, predictable monthly billing, and access to exclusive offers and events, our Capture the Cloud partner program, Stellr partner portal, and more.

“With SYNNEX, we’re not just a number. I have relationships with their team members, not only TPAMs, but also the leads of the team. They know me by my first name, and if I need technical help, my account rep puts me in contact with the right person at the right time. If we can’t connect at that point in time, he makes sure to follow up via email to make sure I get the answers that I’m looking for.”

Sara Powell

IT Professional, Compudyne

The difference between Direct and Indirect CSP

Click the Direct and Indirect columns to compare the possible paths to reselling.

Simplicity, support, and savings aren’t automatic benefits that all resellers receive—they’re a choice.

Partners reselling cloud services with the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program choose between two paths: Direct CSP through Microsoft or Indirect CSP through an authorized distributor.

Direct CSP partners must meet costly program requirements, such as providing billing and provisioning infrastructure, and they’ll need to purchase support contracts that start at $15,000.

Indirect CSP is often an easier and faster choice for partners because they can lean on a distributor for pre- and post-sales support, and can utilize portals and provisioning tools. In the case of a large distributor like SYNNEX, partners also gain access to a wide range of software and hardware vendors, allowing them to create complete, custom solutions for customers.

Already have a direct bill relationship with Microsoft? We can make the transition to Indirect CSP seamless. To get started, just ask us to send you an invitation.

Tell me more about Direct vs. Indirect CSP

Microsoft cloud solutions

With hundreds of cloud, device, and services vendors, SYNNEX can help you provide customers with technologies to transform their businesses.


Businesses rely on cloud platforms to get work done. With Azure, customers will gain storage solutions, encryption features, and the largest network of secure private connections. Offer more with real-time usage reports and cloud services for complex projects.

Microsoft 365

Help your customers drive productivity with the must-have tools for modern businesses. Microsoft 365 combines best-in-class apps with powerful cloud services, monthly updates, and exclusive features so they can create and collaborate securely from anywhere—on any device.

SQL Server

Empower customers to transform data into actionable insights and deliver on any device, at one-fifth the cost of other self-service solutions. A consistent platform and tooling mean easier workload mobility between a data center, private cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

Become a CSP partner with SYNNEX

Personalized sales? Check. Top-tier technical support? We’ve got it. Exclusive partner offers, programs, and incentives? You bet.

Ready to get started?

Learn more with free resources

Get all the details about partnering with SYNNEX


Q&A with SYNNEX and Microsoft

Watch this on-demand webinar with SYNNEX’s Tom Harshbarger for the latest program updates and all the details on future-proofing your CSP practice.

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Partner guide

Learn how SYNNEX provides the boost you need to quickly capture cloud sales and enjoy some of the highest margins in the channel.

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