SYNNEX + Microsoft: the smart way to resell Azure

Help customers modernize quickly—and achieve more—with flexible, secure cloud solutions

Why it’s time to offer Azure

As one of the most comprehensive, diversified cloud platforms on the market, Microsoft Azure is the backbone of a wide range of application and infrastructure solutions. Adding Azure to your roster might feel a little daunting, but SYNNEX makes it easy—and there’s never been a more critical time to expand your cloud practice.

Why? Because your customers need a modern, flexible technology infrastructure to help them keep pace with ever-evolving business changes, from the shift to remote work to competitive and economic pressures. What’s more, essential software like Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 has reached end of support, leaving customers at risk.

Rely on our deep technical, sales, and licensing expertise to help you find the right path to move your customers to the cloud, modernize their applications, and build solutions around foundational workloads like business continuity and disaster recovery, and migration to the cloud. With new offerings, you’ll see significant opportunities for recurring revenue and stronger customer relationships—and SYNNEX will be there to support you every step of the way.

Solutions for today, support for years to come.

Migration and modernization

As businesses move more of their core operations to the cloud, many will be looking for expert support to rehost their mission-critical systems and data.

We can help you deliver valuable migration and modernization services that give your customers access to the newest high-performance, high-return technology. For example, a shift to Azure SQL Database can give customers a staggering 406% ROI increase over other solutions. Whether shifting to Azure SaaS solutions or migrating to virtual machines, SYNNEX can help you find the most affordable, effective path to the cloud for your customers.

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Business continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery don’t just mean restoring backups anymore. The smallest disruption can bring everything to a grinding halt and put businesses at a significant competitive disadvantage. Give your customers peace of mind with guaranteed uptime for apps, data, and infrastructure—and help them build more resilient organizations.

With Azure Site Recovery, you’ll provide fast, simple disaster recovery with near-zero data loss. This cloud-first approach to protecting business from disruption will help your customers balance continuity and cost.

Want to help your customers boost productivity, no matter where they’re working? Offer them Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) hosted in Azure. This secure Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution allows employees to access their Windows 10 virtual desktops and connect to critical work apps securely from any device.

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Expanded revenue

Once you’ve helped your customers establish the foundation for a truly modern infrastructure, we can help you build on it to further grow your business.

Give your customers cloud management services like monitoring and security, workload optimization, as-a-Service offerings like Desktop as a Service, and even intelligent managed services, such as big data and advanced analytics. You’ll help your customers optimize performance and cost and get the right solutions for their needs, while you uncover new opportunities for larger margins and recurring revenue. And SYNNEX’s Microsoft certified engineers will help your customers build the hybrid cloud solutions they need with AI tools, IoT edge solutions, and industry specialists.  

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SYNNEX and Azure: the ideal partnership for resellers

We’ll help you make reselling easy

With so much capability and scope in Azure, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. But when you partner with us, we’ll make sure you’re on the fast track to growth. We understand your business needs—our experienced Azure-certified engineers and state-of-the-art STELLR platform make it simple to build the Azure practice that’s right for your customers.

We’ll answer every question you have

Our Azure experts can help you implement solutions from start to finish, and answer all your complex questions about everything from Azure Stack to hybrid cloud and IoT integrations. In fact, we can solve almost any technical support request right here at SYNNEX—so you and your customers get faster resolutions. We also have direct relationships with Microsoft experts, so we can escalate any extra-complex issues straight to the source.

We’ll save you time, effort, and money

With the right team in your corner, you can unlock massive potential with Azure solutions. We’ll guide you as you expand into new business areas, increase revenue, reduce overhead, and streamline your processes. You’ll get complimentary trainings, go-to-market tools, access to Azure proof-of-concept funding, and help acquiring your competencies. We’ll help you create savings to benefit your business now, and new revenue streams to ensure your success for years to come.

Ready to build your Azure practice with SYNNEX?

We know that creating a successful cloud practice can feel overwhelming. But when you partner with SYNNEX, our Azure experts will be with you every step of the way to give you the training and guidance you need. Connect with our team to get started.

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